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It is crucial that our immune system is in tip-top condition amidst Covid-19 pandemic, which has more than 50 million confirmed cases globally. The best immune system is a balanced immune system.  Immune system disorders can either cause abnormally low activity that reduces the body’s ability to fight pathogens and make it vulnerable to infections or an overactive immune system that the immune cells start  attacking its own body and cause damages to the tissues. 

Poor maternal mental health has been associated with a number of pregnancy complication and her baby's health. Obesity in pregnancy is known to increase one’s risk of experiencing poor maternal mental health and is associated with physical and mental health complications such as gestational diabetes and stress. Probiotics may represent a novel approach to intervene in poor mental health and obesity. Find out how L. rhamnosus HN001 enhances the pregnant women's mental health and immunity as well as their newborn's immune development.




Driven by passion for holistic wellness, we strive to provide the best natural health supplements to help you live your ideal lifestyle. Explore the latest product and the science behind it.

Your Hair Rescuer

Nourishing the hair is as important as nourishing the body. Regain your confidence with healthy, beautiful and lustrous locks. Stop hair loss and regain healthy hair

Your Immune Booster

A fast-acting natural remedy is what we need to boost our immune system when we are suffering from cold or flu. Relief your cold and flu symptoms and fights cold fast.

Enhance Your Immunity

Keep your immune cells alert to safeguard your body from  viral infections. Beta glucan enhances your immune system to combat cold. Build it up. Your immunity is your best bet.



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