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Osteoporosis is a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone, makes too little bone or both. It is one of the emerging non-communicable diseases worldwide and affected nearly 55% of the Asian population. Osteoporosis, which means “porous bones”, happens when the bones become weak and may break from a fall or, in serious cases, from just minor bumps.


Over the years, calcium supplements are widely used to prevent or treat osteoporosis. Most of the conventional calcium formulas are added with vitamin D to enhance calcium absorption.


However, new credible studies have shown that excessive calcium and vitamin D supplements intake may be linked to an elevated risk in heart diseases and strokes.  This is also highlighted in the most recent article in The Straits Time, Singapore, dated 28th October, 2019. In the article, it was revealed that excessive consumption of calcium supplements can lead to adverse health problems.


Staying away from calcium supplements at the expense of osteoporosis to prevent heart diseases and strokes is not an ideal solution. Now, there is a new generation calcium supplement, fortified with vitamin K2, which not only beneficial to the bones but also to the heart.

Vitamin K2 Keeps Calcium Away from Blood Vessels

Many studies, from experimental studies to human studies, have been conducted to research on the synergistic effects of vitamin K2 and vitamin D. The results are phenomenal.


Vitamin D and vitamin K2 play a central role in calcium metabolism and this combination might be more effective than consuming either one on its own. Vitamin D produces MGP, the sole blood vessels protecting protein in the body, that prevents calcium deposits on the blood vessels. Calcium deposition causes stiffness of the blood vessels, which lay the ‘foundation’ of strokes and heart diseases. Vitamin K2 is needed to activate these blood vessels protecting protein so that it is able to function optimally.


Healthy level of vitamin K2 in the body is associated with more youthful flexibility in the ageing blood vessels. Absence of vitamin K2, on the other hand, promotes an environment in which excess calcium will be deposited into our vascular tissues.

MenaquinGold®ES: The Most Stable Vitamin K2 for More Health Goodness

Despite its valuable potential in bone and heart health, there is a problem with the stability of vitamin K2 when it is formulated with minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Vitamin K2 is not resistant enough to survive the harsh, alkaline environment when formulated with calcium or magnesium. This will have a huge effect on its stability in which, the amount of vitamin K2 can decrease significantly.


Vitamin K2 by MenaquinGold®ES is the solution to the stability problem of vitamin K2 in a calcium supplement. It is the trademark formulation of Vitamin K2 that is highly stable because every granule of vitamin K2 comes with a patented coating that protects it from rapid degradation in a calcium formulation.  This provides longer stability and better efficacy of the product.

In 2013, a study published in the British Medical Journal demonstrated that taking high dose of calcium (greater than 1400mg a day) was associated with an elevated death rate due to heart diseases and strokes. Lower dose of calcium intake (below 1000mg a day) is safe and would not increase the incidences of strokes. Therefore, switching to a lower dose of calcium (600mg) fortified with vitamin K2 should be an option for all menopausal women.

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