Daily Essentials

Today's fast pace and vibrant lifestyle make it a challenge to obtain the right nutrients from our daily diet. Taking sufficient daily nutrients keeps our body functions at its optimal level and cope with our daily routine. Energize and revitalize with Kordel's Daily Essentials.


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Complete with 36 nutrients in 1 tablet, Nutri-Time provides all rounded essential nutrients for the body. Health the easy way? It's simple, just take one Nutri-Time everyday!


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Not just any B Complex but Kordel's Executive B+C comes with high Vitamin B1 giving the extra boost in energy and keeps you energize whole day through. Plus, it is fortified with minerals for you to cope better with work stress. Just take one in the morning and you're good to go!


1000mg of Vitamin C is the daily recommended dosage for immunity. Worry-free about Vitamin C disturbing the stomach with

Kordel's C Time Acid Free 1000mg and Kordel's Ester-C 1000mg

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Kordel's Ester-C 1000mg 120'S 2017_S.IP.
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Vitamin C Effervescent PassionFruit 10s.


Dislike swallowing tablets? Get your daily Vitamin C with Kordel's Vitamin C 1000mg + Zinc Effervescent! It comes in the classic Orange and zesty Passion Fruit flavour. All you need to do is dissolve it in a glass of water and drink it away. How hard is that? Works best for cough and flu!