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My Dad My Hero

Whether it is Abah, Papa, Papi, Daddy or Appa, he picks you up and let you try again when you fall. A father is someone who becomes your pillar of strength when you needed support, holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed and has faith with you even when you fail. Find out what are the common health issues that can affect your father and how you can address this problem.

Father with his Son

Tightening Your Immunity For A Better Protection

We started 2021 with a challenging note despite hopes of securing the COVID-19 vaccines this year. So far, the first two months of 2021 have been atrocious with the third wave of COVID-19 kicking in.  The local healthcare system is overwhelmed and is filled beyond capacity. Keeping our immune system in top notch condition as well as positively maintaining mental health in coping with the current situation are  extremely important. Find out more about the supplements that keep you healthy and happy during this trying time.

As millions of people  are struggling with depression, joint pain, and liver disorders, scientists continue to look for effective remedies. SAM-e showed promising results.  Read on for an ultimate breakdown of its benefits.



Driven by passion for holistic wellness, we strive to provide the best natural health supplements to help you live your ideal lifestyle. Explore the latest product and the science behind it.

Most alpha lipoic acid supplement in the market contains a mixture of R (natural) and S (synthetic) form of alpha lipoic acid (ALA). R-ALA is the natural form of alpha lipoic acid  found in plants, animals and the human body. Read on to find out more about the many unique properties of this revolutionary ALA. 



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