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Scientists said: Your immune system can KILL you while it is trying DESPERATELY to SAVE you!

Scientists found coronavirus, typically can trigger abnormal immunity reactions called the “CYTOKINE STORM” or “IMMUNE STORM”, that can both sicken and kill patients as it makes the body’s defense go haywire and kill anything in their way, including your healthy tissues!

The “Cytokine Storms” is now seen by the scientific world as a likely major cause of mortality in the 1918-20 “Spanish flu”, H1N1 “swine flu” and H5N1 “bird flu” of recent years. condition is a typically found in SARS, MERS and H1N1 flu condition



After the SARS outbreak, the World Health Organization reported that the disease typically attacked the lungs in three phases: viral replication, immune hyper-reactivity, and pulmonary destruction.


•In the early days of an INFECTION, the novel coronavirus rapidly invades human lung cells.

•The earliest studies on COVID-19 have shown that many patients develop pneumonia in both lungs, accompanied by symptoms like shortness of breath.


•That’s when the IMMUNE SYSTEM kicks in.

•The virus attack  triggers the bodies to step up to fight the disease by flooding the lungs with immune cells to clear away the damage and repair the lung tissue.

•If your immune system goes haywire and those cells kill anything in their way, including your healthy tissue. So you get more damage instead of less from the immune response.


•Lung damage continues to build which can result in respiratory failure. Even if death doesn’t occur, some patients survive with permanent lung damage.

•Meanwhile, INFLAMMATION  can further aggravate the condition.



Cytokines are proteins used by the immune system —they recruit immune cells to the site of infection to kill off the infected tissue in a bid to save the rest of the body.


During a runaway coronavirus infection, when the immune system dumps excessive cytokines into the lungs without any regulation, it is like “instead of shooting at a target with a gun, you’re using a missile launcher,” says  Angela Rasmussen, a virologist and associate research scientist at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. That’s where the problem arises: Your body is not just targeting the infected cells. It is attacking healthy tissue too.

Cytokine storms create inflammation that weakens blood vessels in the lungs and causes fluid to seep through to the air sacs. “Basically, you’re bleeding out of your blood vessels,” Rasmussen says. The storm spills into your circulatory system and creates systemic issues across multiple organs, including the liver and kidney.

The collateral damage on the LIVER

“Scientists don’t completely understand how these respiratory viruses behave in the liver. The virus might be directly infecting the liver, replicating and killing off the cells itself. Or those cells might be collateral damage as your body’s immune response to the virus sets off a severe inflammatory reaction in the liver”




Anna Suk-Fong Lok, assistant dean for clinical research at the University of Michigan Medical School and former president of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.

“Like the liver, your kidneys act as a blood filter. As it continuously filters blood, sometimes the tubular cells in the kidney can trap the virus and cause a transient, or milder, injury.

The coronavirus typically attacks the filtering cells in the kidney (the nephrons) leading to inflammation and damages. Meanwhile, the more severe cases that led to acute renal failure showed signs of—you guessed it—a cytokine storm.”

Kar Neng Lai, a professor emeritus at the University of Hong Kong and consultant nephrologist at Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital

KIDNEY damages as the consequence

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