Organic Tumeric

Curcumin, the potential help for cytokine storm

– the main cause of death from Covid-19

What is Curcumin:

Over 3000 published studies for the past 50 years have shown that turmeric has huge benefits in combating many inflammatory diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and neurological diseases through its strong anti-inflammatory medicinal properties. Research shows that the medical benefits of turmeric come from a magic compound called curcumin.

How does curcumin work:

Various studies have shown that curcumin can suppress the release of cytokines and cytokines storm by switching off NF-kB, the master switch of Inflammation.


Theracurmin® - The Most Well-Absorbed Curcumin

Unfortunately, not all curcumin formulations work. The medicinal benefits of turmeric are limited by its poor absorption rate because turmeric has a large particle size. Theracurmin®, a patented curcumin formulation developed by Theravalues Corporation, a Japanese company has overcome the limitations with its technology, enhancing the efficacy of curcumin.

• 2800% MORE absorption than ordinary curcumin powder

• RAPID absorption within 1 hour

• 24 hours RETENTION in the body


Theracurmin® - Proven to be effective with comprehensive published human clinical trials

Theracurmin® is one of the most comprehensive clinically researched curcumin powder in the market. By solving the low absorption problem, Theracurmin® is scientifically proven to benefit many inflammatory diseases such as cardiovascular health,  skin health, brain, liver, joint and even cancer with its strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Developed by Theravalues Corporation from Japan, this innovative formulation offers full medical benefits of turmeric with ease and convenience for the modern generation today, helping to keep diseases at bay and achieving optimal healthy lives!


Each capsule of Kordel's Bio-Curmin 100mg contains Theracurmin®

Recommended to take 2 capsules twice daily with meal or as directed by your healthcare professional.