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No to PAIN KILLERS (NSAID) when Covid-19 is threatening lives

France’s Minister of Solidarity and Health Oliver Véran announced on Twitter that taking anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen or cortisone) could be a factor in worsening a COVID-19 infection.

Why are Pain Killer discouraged at this juncture?

On 11th March 2020, one of the most prestigious medical journals, The Lancet mentioned that COVID 19 can invade our body cells via a receptor called ACE2. These ACE2 are normally available in the cells of lung, intestines, kidney and blood vessels. 1   ACE2 is also particularly higher for people with diabetes and those taking certain hypertensive medication. Ibuprofen and other NASAIDs in this case, also further increases the ACE2 on the cells mentioned thus, speed up or worsen the infection of COVID19.

Avoid Pain Killers, particularly the NSAID type

During this current COVID19 pandemic, it is wise to hinder from anything that can contract COVID19 as far as possible. Firstly is by avoiding NSAIDs; the speculation regarding ibuprofen has a science base that ibuprofen may increase ACE2, an entry point for COVID19 to invade our body.  It would be wise to seek alternatives in managing joint pain instead of relying on pain killers such as NSAIDs.

Joint supplements that reduce inflammation without affecting ACE2 are safer and as effective in managing joint pain as taking drugs.

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Use SAFE Joint Supplement to manage Joint Pain

Joint disorders or joint pain  involves inflammation and cartilage erosion. It may cause by 2 reasons:

  1. The wear and tear of joints as one age, leading to lack of lubrication at the joint

  2. The autoimmune system destroys the joints cartilage, leading to inflammation and destruction of the joints


These inflammation causes pain which is why some people are taking NSAIDs to reduce the inflammation and pain.

Kordel’s Joint Care – Helps Relieve Pain, Stops Inflammation and Add Lubrication

Build healthy and stronger joints today with Kordel’s Joint Care

Your joints can still stay healthy without the use of painkillers or NSAIDs. Seek alternatives that are backed with medical science. In this COVID19 season, please stay safe. Reduce social contact, and increase hygiene. In this COVID19 season, you can still effectively relief your joint pain using Kordel’s safer, effective and natural remedies and with no worries of Covid-19 complications.

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Kordel’s JFlexi is a joint supplement that reduces the inflammation on the joint. Its active ingredient, UC-II is a Type II Collagen that has been shown to help modulate the immune response, thus reducing joint inflammation and cartilage degradation.

One capsule a day to relieve joint inflammation and pain

Kordel's Hyaluronic Acid With Collagen 3

For older individuals, their joint lubrication has been dramatically reduced due to ageing. In this case, Kordel’s Hyaluronic Acid with Collagen works by increasing lubrication to the joints. Not only that the actives increase joint lubrication, it also proven to improve joint muscle strength.

One capsule a day to increase joint lubrication and muscle strength

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