Understanding Your Dad's Health

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It is the time of the year again when everyone tries to tell how wonderful their fathers are. Being a father is a lifetime job. Fathers are important in the development of the child’s emotional well-being. They play significant roles in affecting the mental and physical health of the children. 

Dad! You Are My Hero

There are many ways to honour this special person in our lives. While most people are disappointed not having big celebrations for Father’s Day such as family gatherings, outings, and having a nice meal in the restaurants due to lockdown, there are other friendly stay-at-home ways to show our love and appreciation to the greatest men in our lives. One of them is by giving them the gift of health. While aging is inevitable, it is worth the investment for a disease-free, optimal quality of life of our fathers through healthy diet and preventing vitamin and mineral deficiencies by focusing on the nutrients that can protect them against the deathly male specific diseases such as cancer, liver problems, depression, heart disease, and respiratory diseases.

vessels, this could lead to major health issues. Moreover, on a behavioural level, men are typically more likely to bottle everything up. They may be less adaptive physiologically, behaviourally and emotionally when coping with stressful events. Over time, the effects of stress could take a bigger toll on the men’s bodies. In addition, most men pay less attention to their diet, being more overweight than women and could be less aware of their own symptoms and well-being. In general, men tend to eat more meat than women, especially red meat. Meat, especially red meat, is known to cause inflammation in the body and has high saturated fats that can contribute to heart diseases.

One of the leading causes of death among men is heart diseases. The American Heart Association indicates that more than one in three adult men have some form of heart diseases. Moreover, high blood pressure is more common in males below the age of 45 with stroke affecting more than 3 million men. They develop heart diseases 10 years earlier, on average, than women do. There are few potential reasons why men are more likely than women to develop heart disease. Men tend to have more challenging jobs and the way they cope with stress is different than women. When men are stressed, their blood vessels tend to constrict, thus, increasing their blood pressure. For a person who already has narrowing blood 

When it comes to dealing with emotions, there are different expectations for men and women. Because women are often viewed as ‘sensitive’, it is acceptable for them to express their emotions. However, men are not encouraged to do so due to gender stereotypes that men who express their emotions are often seen as weak. Just because of this, it does not mean men do not have any emotions. When they avoid these emotions, it can lead to numerous consequences such as mental health disorders.

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Suppressing emotions can lead to depression and anxiety but for men especially, it increases their risk of suicide. Due to the way men adapt to stress and dealing with their emotions it was estimated by The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) that at least 6 million men suffer from depressive disorders, including suicidal thoughts, annually. In 2018, men died due to suicide is approximately 3.5 times more than women did.

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Gender has an effect on the susceptibility to several respiratory diseases. Males, in general, are more susceptible than females in several major lung diseases. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects men more than women. Furthermore, the severity of pneumonia appears greater in male patients. It was shown that males have a higher risk of hospitalization and death due to pneumonia. There are several reasons why men have weaker immunity. Because men are more likely to have health problems such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes, these factors raise their odds for more severe Covid-19 symptoms. Previous research has also revealed that men, in general, have lower first line immunity against infections unlike women, thanks to their hormone oestrogen.  When it comes down to genetic level, women have a pair

of X chromosomes where most of the genes that regulate the immune system are encoded. On the other hand, men only have 1 X chromosome. Therefore, it is possible that some genes that are involved in the immune response are more active in women than men.

In 2017, two-thirds of men are dying from liver cirrhosis as compared to women. Hepatitis B caused the greatest proportion of deaths among men, followed by alcohol-related liver disease. According to the Centres For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), men face higher rates of alcohol-related deaths and hospitalizations as compared to women. Men binge drink twice as much as women do. Other factors that can lead to poor liver function among men are poor sleeping habits, bad dietary habits and constant stress. Stress is connected to high levels of cortisol, which leads to liver damage. Natural Killer Cells expand in the liver during stressful periods and can kill the liver cells. This makes the liver condition worse. Apart from that, stress can also deplete glutathione levels as well as restrict the natural replenishment of glutathione. Glutathione is known as ‘the master antioxidant’. As a person ages, the natural production of glutathione will decline. Thus, the body is not able to develop an efficient detoxification system that is able to cope with the toxic load in the body.

Vitamins are essential for our fathers’ overall health and are required for proper bodily functions. Not getting sufficient vitamins can result in chronic diseases, low energy and poor mood. In an ideal world, all the vitamins and minerals can be obtained from a healthy diet. But considering the current state of food processing and convenience, it is not always possible. There are a few supplements that are important for our dads. Among them are:


1. Omega-3: This popular nutrient that can be obtained from fish oil is associated with better blood flow, healthy heart, sharp mind and a more stable mood.


2. Magnesium: This mineral is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. It is involved in blood pressure regulation and may help to reduce stress and anxiety. A simple magnesium supplement is the remedy to take care of the heart, insomnia, anxiety, headaches and fatigue. 


3. Vitamin K2 with D3: Vitamin D3 is increasingly popular in improving immunity and is found to be important for protecting against respiratory disease and/or severity of respiratory infections. Moreover, vitamin K2 is also an important nutrient to protect against risk of heart disease. It prevents calcium deposition in the blood vessels, which can cause heart attacks and stroke.

4. SAM-e: SAM-e is a molecule that presents in the cells of the body. It is the nutrient for the liver and mood. Since SAM-e takes time in order to experience its full benefits, adding the appropriate herbal supplements not only complement the benefit of SAM-e but in some instances, to provide quick relief.

The most valuable gift that you can give to your father is the gift of health. After all, health is the true wealth. So, do visit our Cambert official e-stores for the special offers for your Father’s Day gifts today.

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Do not forget to tell your dad you love him and thank him for being there!