Enhance Lung Health and Immunity for People with Heart Disease and Diabetes

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The number of coronavirus cases worldwide is on an increasing trend with number of deaths close to 47,000 as of 1/4/2020. Age, gender and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes are among the risk factors contributing to death due to COVID-19. The age groups who are at higher risk of dying from COVID-19 is between 60 to 80 years old and predominantly are men.

A recent review on approximately 11,000 people from 14 countries had demonstrated that vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of acute lungs infections and death in the elderly. Healthy level of vitamin D reduces the risk of at least one acute lungs infection by 12%. However, globally, vitamin D deficiencies are widespread, affecting approximately 1 billion people from all age group and ethnicities even in tropical countries like Malaysia, where we get sunshine all year round.

In our lungs, there is a layer of cells called epithelium cells that provide the physical barrier to prevent entry of any foreign substances such as pathogens. They are our body’s first line of defence. Vitamin D ensures these cells are sealed properly to maintain the integrity of our lungs’ physical barrier in prevention of pathogens invasion.

When our lungs detect the pathogens, the immune system will be triggered to kill the pathogens and clears the body of these unwanted substances. Vitamin D modulates the right balance of immune response so the body’s healthy cells are not destroyed as well. Vitamin D also assists in the function of the white blood cell called dendritic cell to send the messages to trigger the next part of our immune system in producing specific antibody against the pathogens.

Vitamin K2 reduces risk of COVID-19 death in heart patients and diabetics

Vitamin K2 is an essential nutrient for individuals with existing heart diseases and diabetes. In a recent report released by Italy’s National Institute of Health on March 17, 2020, a high percentage (76.1%) of those died of COVID-19 infection has high blood pressure while 35.5% are diabetics. Individuals with heart issues, in general, have weaker immune system and the virus could have negative impact on those with plaque in their arteries, according to American Heart Association. Some viruses thrive on higher blood sugar levels and the immune system in diabetics are also compromised.

Vitamin K2 with vitamin D3: The synergistic effect in immunity

Another benefit of vitamin K2 is in improving the blood circulation and this is an important factor for the white blood cells to move to the site of infection. Vitamin K2 also helps the cells to receive more oxygen, which will give all cells including white blood cells and lungs cells more energy. Patented vitamin K2 by MenaquinGold is clinically proven to enhance the transport of oxygen, which provides the fuel in energy production.

Vitamin D3 fortified with vitamin K2 are the essential nutrients in building a stronger immune system particularly in the elderly, men and those with heart diseases and diabetes.

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