Joint Injuries are the cause of 20% of arthritis incidences

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Joint Stiffness or Joint Pain are signs and symptoms telling you that your joints are undergoing damaging processes and you need to pay attention to this “Silent” Joint Injury early, to avoid getting into early Osteoarthritis (OA).

关节僵硬或关节疼痛是迈入关节严重损伤过程的明显症状。为了避免迈入早期关节炎 (OA),你们都必须加以早日对此“隐形关节破坏”给于警惕。

What is “Silent” Joint Injuries 何为 “隐形关节破坏”

Small or unnoticed injuries, that comes with stiff joints, joint discomforts, can become big problems if left untreated. In fact, all severe arthritis are likely to start with small injuries to the cartilage or ligaments that was ignored.


“Nearly 20% of people have arthritis is due to injury to a joint, or post traumatic arthritis

Scientist found that people with intensified exercises or physical activities or sports tends to have higher chance in developing osteoarthritis (OA) as compared to people having low physical activities.


Long distance runners and soccer players are at higher risk of getting knee OA.


People engaging in intensified walking and gardening had a threefold greater risk of developing knee OA than sedentary persons. In contrast, in the absence of acute injury, recreational (moderate) long distance running and jogging did not appear to increase the risk of OA.


Watch out for the Signs and Symptoms of “Silent” Joint Injury!


Chronic pain - pain on and off, doesn't seems to go away

慢性疼痛 - 断断续续地疼痛,无法彻底摆脱。

Stiffness - difficulty in movement, feeling of stiffness, rigidity and pain

僵硬 - 移动时总觉得困难,感觉僵硬和疼痛

Swelling - especially after exercise or physical activities

肿胀- 尤其是在运动或者肢体活动过后。

“Silent” Joint Injury are rather complicated conditions!


It can happen when one of the joint structures get injured, that will later leads to Arthritis.

The possibly affected Joint areas are as follows:


A small area of damage to the cartilage


Damage to the cushioning structures, like the meniscus or the labrum


Damage to the ligaments


When a simple ligament injury is not resolved, the resultant joint instability can progress to a complete breakdown of cartilage and joint

Pain relief and Repair for Joint Stiffness and Injuries.


Eggshell Membrane plus Boswellia is a DOUBLE ACTIONS FORMULA, helps to repair JOINTS, CARTILAGE and LIGAMENT while reduces joint INFLAMMATION, helping joints to recovery early. Eggshell Membrane plus Boswellia


It contains 2 unique patented ingredients:


Patented Biovaflex from eggshell membrane, to provide 6 Bioactives to NOURISH and REGENERATE joints, cartilage and ligaments.


Patented Boswellin, from plant Boswellia extract, that acts as natural ANALGESIC that STOPS INFLAMMATION, fast and effective, without side effects.


Clinical studies on the effects of Eggshell Membrane Biovaflex in improving joint functions

根据Biovaflex 鸡蛋壳蛋膜营养补助品的医学报告,它对关节的恢复速度是非常有帮助的

Eggshell Membrane plus Boswellia - clinical research shown that with just ONE capsule a day and get your joint pain RELIEF within 7 days. Give your joints nutrition and protection early, so that you can continue to MOVE and ENJOY great things in life.


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