"Joint Injury is more serious than what you expect", say the experts.

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

In conjunction with Kordel’s “Say No to Silent Joint Injuries” campaign, 3 Experts share how serious Joint Injuries can be!

Dr. Benjamin Cheah (President of AFM, consultant physician specializing in rheumatology):

“A New Concern! We see an increasing trend of Osteoarthritis in younger people”

“As younger Malaysians are getting more active, involving in sports and outdoor, the worrying thing is that we see the trend of osteoarthritis shifting to younger people too!” says Dr. Benjamin.

Osteoarthritis used to affect people age 65 and older. However, nowadays people as young as 30 plus are suffering from joint damages. The reason behind the shift is due to the increase in sports activities. Sports exert repetitive stress on joints, causing injuries and inflammations to joints, and their surrounding tissues like tendons and ligaments.

Do not overlook a small tear or damage to the tendons and ligaments as it will initiate the progression of arthritis. If you are lucky enough to have strong muscles to support your damaged joints, you may not feel the pain and discomforts after sports like most people who do not have well-trained muscles or those with weak leg muscles. However, please do not ignore the Silent Joint Injuries as one day it will resurface as severe osteoarthritis problem.

Dr. Benjamin emphasizes that “Young people should exercise in moderation, give enough time to rest the injured joints. Taking joint nutrition to repair the joints, tendon, and ligaments will help to reduce the risk of Silent Joint Injuries and keep joints active for a longer time.”

Dr. Muhammad Rahmani (Sports Physician; Certified AFC Team Physician)

“As a sports physician, I am often presented with cases of joint-related problems and many who came are due to the after-effects of joint injuries that happened years ago.”

The problem with Silent Joint Injury is that it will only surface after years later, as a result of an injured joint not being well treated and not given enough attention to its repair process. Reports state that 20% of early Osteoarthritis cases are the consequence of joint injuries.

High impact exercises are the main culprit for joint injury, hurting the joints, bones, tendons, and muscles,” says Dr. Rahmani. High impact exercises includes all types of running, hiking and intensive sports that include basket ball, badminton and football. Gym exercises if not done under proper supervision with the correct technique, can be hazardous to the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, leading to joint injuries.

Dr. Rahmani urges the public to be more careful during exercise and rest well with enough nutrition to repair joints’ wear and tear. Most importantly, start taking care of joint health and let your joints heal properly before embarking on the sports activities again.

Mr. Mohd Syarul Azman Mahen bin Abdullah (Mike Mahen; 3 times World Champion Category Men’s Athletic Physique)

“ At 17, I hurt my joints and ignore the warning signs! Now at 46, I am no longer able to do any high impact exercises.”

“After a few years, I was so sad to be informed that my knees were in bad shape and require serious intensive therapies to continue with my bodybuilding career,” said Mike.

Nowadays, Mike is no longer able to do any high impact exercises. Things will be different if there are joint nutrition available back then to help joint repair and prevent the progression of Osteoarthritis.

Now with new technologies, health supplement such as Eggshell Membrane plus Boswellia from Kordel’s can act as joints supplement in keeping the joints healthy and stops silent joint injury,” he said.

Mike appeals to all athletes to take the initiative to care for their joints, make sure one have sufficient rest in between training, and take the appropriate joint supplements to prevent unnecessary progression into osteoarthritis. Start early before its too late!

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