Rosy Complexion Starts from Within

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Discover the link between nutrition and skin ageing

Rosy healthy skin is always in style. It is not about how good you can cover up your flaws but more about how you glow naturally from within. It is about feeling good, youthful and energetic, meanwhile looking good. If you are into the idea of ‘beauty from within’, the new word to learn for is N-U-T-R-I-C-O-S-M-E-T-I-C.

Compared to topical skincare, the strong belief in health and skin beauty has made nutricosmetic gained its popularity in many countries especially in Japan and Europe.

Nutricomestic has gained its popularity among the Japanese women in health and skin beauty.

What is Nutricosmetic?

Nutrition can modulate the physiology and condition of different tissues and body systems including our biggest organ, the skin. The understanding of how nutritional science has an impact on the skin is what makes nutricosmetic possible.

Nutricosmetic is an emerging science that uses nutrition or nutritional supplements to help the skin appear youthful and healthy. It supports the function, structure and wellness of the skin. Generally, there are 3 main nutricosmetic segments, eg. the UV protection segment, the skin whitening segment and others.

The main concerns for skin health are usually skin whitening, skin firming, anti-wrinkles and hydration.

How Does A Nutricosmetic Work?

Vitamins and antioxidants represent the most crucial among the nutricosmetical ingredients. The best known antioxidants are the endogenous (bodily produced) antioxidants like glutathione and alpha lipoic acid.

Depends on the nature of the antioxidants, most of them would help boost the body’s antioxidant defence systems, improve skin hydration by enhancing collagen production, help skin renewal and reduce skin inflammation.

However, many consumers tend to think that nutricosmetic is not working as it usually takes a much longer period of time to exert noticeable effects in comparison to topical products. In general, experts reckon it takes at least 30 – 60 days to show an initial change on skin, particular on consumers with skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, dry skin and unfavorable colour tone.

This can be explained by comparing topical cream and oral vitamin C. Oil-based topical cream creates a barrier on your skin, hence giving you almost instant effect of preventing moisture lost. However, it doesn’t treat the root problem from within. If you are taking oral skincare like vitamin C, it takes a tad longer as the process involves the production of collagen that eventually helps attract water molecules.

If you prefer natural food nutrient that is less invasive & chemical-free, nutricosmetic is actually working, but in a slower fashion.

Citrus fruits are rich with natural antioxidants such as Vitamin C.

Top 5 Skin Nourishing Natural Antioxidants


A naturally existing small-chain protein in our body that depletes as we age. Trusted strongly by the Japanese, it is the key antioxidant proven to suppress the production of dark pigments, produce collagen, as well as aid liver detoxification.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Sugar is one of the culprits for wrinkles and premature ageing skin, just imagine the sugar coating on a roasted meat. When sugar is inevitable, Alpha Lipoic acid come into play to prevent sugar from destroying the collagen structure in your skin, giving you resilient and supple skin.


The most important Vitamin A for what a tomato is well-known for. Women love its photoprotective properties that help avoid sun damages and sun ageing. Besides, due to its natural colour pigments, it was proven to impart redness to the skin or the rosy complexion.

Vitamin C

Other than being an immune booster, it is also a whitening agent, an antioxidant as well as a co-factor involves in collagen production.


A mineral that helps to soothe an inflamed acne as well as to give a clearer skin by encouraging skin renewal.

Skin nourishing natural antioxidants can compliment and amplify the efficacy of topical skincare products.

Guide to A Good Nutricosmetic

A trusted nutricosmetic should have scientifically proven efficacy. The researches tell you the right dosage and the right ingredient to take for your skin problems. Besides, it gives you the confidence by demonstrating the time required to see the initial changes in your skin.

A very good example is when you are looking for a glutathione product. Glutathione is a protein in nature and many doubt its absorption into the body. Search for product that is able to provide you the scientific proof.

Second thing to keep an eye on is the combination of antioxidants. Antioxidants work within a system and often perform synergistically with each others. Some antioxidants such as glutathione and alpha lipoic acid can even revive other antioxidants like vitamin C and Vitamin E.

In summary, the scientists’ discovery on the youth elixir still goes back to the basis of sound health. ‘Beauty from within’ is no longer far-fetched with the new finding of nutricosmetic.

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