Stay Fair With No Fear In The Age of Covid-19.

Glutathione is the super molecule that contributes to many health benefits and longevity. Research done at a university in Denmark found that people more than 100 years old had higher levels of glutathione than people decades younger. People over age 100 who were able to stay healthy and function the best had the highest levels of all. Our own bodies make glutathione, but most of us make less and less of it as we get older. However, even young people are often shockingly low in glutathione nowadays, because of the way we live.

The Super Molecule for Beautiful Skin and Immune Defense

Being the powerful antioxidant and detoxifier, glutathione is best known for brightening skin by suppressing the production of dark pigment. At the same time, it enhances protection against UV damage provided by topical skin care products. Study done on a Japanese patented glutathione, known as Kohjin glutathione demonstrated very promising effect on skin lightening, and that includes lightening effect on UV spot. Glutathione also accelerates collagen production and makes skin appear healthier and younger. As glutathione plays a role in liver detoxification as well, it helps our skin glow from within.

In the age of Covid-19 now, strengthening immune system becomes so important to fight the virus. Glutathione helps your immune system stay strong and ready to fight infections, it supports our body first defense system. Glutathione increase macrophage and fine-tuning the macrophage function towards pathogen killing, other than being a powerful antioxidant that helps to stop inflammation appropriately. So, while stay beautiful with fairer skin, glutathione provides you the extra immune protection.

Why Kordel’s Glutathione ALA Plus?

Kordel’s Glutathione is a complete 5 in 1 formula, comprising of glutathione, Vitamin C, lycopene, ALA and Zinc. Other than the promising absorption due to the Japanese patented Kohjin glutathione, other ingredients inside help to enhance glutathione level in the body. As proven by studies, glutathione works at its best in combination with other antioxidants in order to enhance its function. One of the ingredient inside- lycopene makes Kordel’s glutathione unique among all glutathione in the market. As shown in a study, supplementing of lycopene (25mg/day in a month) can increase up to 50% of plasma glutathione levels. This is very important to optimize glutathione function.

Besides, each individual ingredient in Kordel’s glutathione is well known for both skin and immune health as well including Vitamin C, Zinc, ALA. Stay fair and protected with Kordel's Glutathione ALA Plus.

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