The Heart-Healthy Calcium for the Bones

Osteoporosis and Heart Diseases:

The major health concerns in menopausal women

There is a popular saying that goes “Life Begins at Forty”. A woman may appear healthy and beautiful on the outside but this does not make them immune to age-related health problems. Ironically, it is also at this juncture that a woman’s body starts to wear out, signalling the onset of a string of health problems that more often than not related to her hectic lifestyle and hormonal changes due to menopause. Osteoporosis and heart diseases are among the common health concerns for aging women.

Women will experience bone loss at the fastest rate during the first few years of menopause due to changes in their estrogen level. Subsequently, bone loss will continue to occur due to aging. However, osteoporosis is not just a major concern for elderly ladies but for women from all walks of life. There are many risk factors that lead to bone loss and osteoporosis such as age, gender, body size, family history, medication, lifestyle activities and nutrition. Nutrition is an important modifiable risk factor that influences bone health.

The saying goes "Life begins at Forty". Is it another beginning in life or the beginning towards the end?

The New Generation Heart-Healthy Calcium

Most guidelines recommend calcium intake as the prevention or treatment of osteoporosis. Vitamin D3 is usually added in most of the conventional calcium formula to enhance calcium absorption. It is also needed in the production of several important proteins that play vital roles in the body. However, many recent studies showed that high calcium consumption with or without vitamin D3 is linked to an increase in heart disease risks. There is another co-factor, vitamin K2, that is equally important to ensure better utilization of calcium in the body.

Vitamin K2 works by controlling calcium utilisation in the body through the activation of the key proteins that are produced by Vitamin D3. Activation of these key proteins will not only help in integrating calcium to the bones to build stronger bones but it also keeps the heart healthy by inhibiting calcium build-up in the blood vessels. Healthy level of vitamin K2 in the body is associated with more youthful flexibility in the aging blood vessel. Vitamin K2 also plays an important role in the bone-building process while keeping the heart healthy, which are much needed by menopausal women.

Are you taking any calcium supplement? Is the calcium being directed to the right location in your body?

MenaquinGold®ES: The most stable vitamin K2

Despite its valuable potential in bone and heart health, there is a problem with vitamin K2’s stability when it is formulated with minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Vitamin K2 is not resistant enough to survive in the harsh, alkaline environment when formulated with calcium or magnesium. This will have a huge effect on its stability and within the first 3 months on the shelves the amount of vitamin K2 can decrease significantly. The rapid degradation makes it ineffective to provide any health benefits for the bones and heart.

MenaquinGold®ES is the solution to the stability problem of vitamin K2. It is the trademark formulation of Vitamin K2 that is highly stable because every granule of vitamin K2 comes with a patented coating that protects it from rapid degradation in a calcium formulation. This provides longer stability and better efficacy of the product. MenaquinGold®ES is produced via a patented environmental-friendly fermentation process using a non-genetically modified organism. It is extracted using a unique method which yield the highest concentration of vitamin K2 with minimum by-product. The vitamin K2 in MenaquinGold®ES is the Vitamin K2-7 or MK-7 subtype. Vitamin K2-7 is well-absorbed and provides the highest activity of Vitamin K2, thus providing the protection needed by the bones and heart.

MenaquinGold®ES is by far the only Vitamin K2 proven to be stable in an alkaline environment.

Natto Beans – Japanese secret to a healthy body

The benefits of Vitamin K2-7 were also demonstrated in studies conducted to evaluate bone and heart health in Japanese whose diet is rich in natto beans. Natto beans is a traditional Japanese delicacy made from fermented soybeans that is rich in vitamin K2-7. Studies have shown that high intake of natto beans in postmenopausal Japanese women have lower incidences of bone loss and fractures. Statistics from World Health Organisation (WHO) also revealed that Japanese who consume high intake of natto beans are generally healthier. They have lower risks of blood clots and fewer death due to heart problem.

Good diet, age-appropriate weight bearing exercise and early detection of weak bones are among some of the measures that can be taken to prevent fractures and progression of osteoporosis. Our health is our most valuable asset. Getting old is inevitable but there are measures that can be taken to ensure healthy aging.

World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics revealed that Japanese who consume high intake of natto beans are generally healthier.

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