Horsetail comes from the springtime European Horsetail plant. This plant is a rich, natural source of silica, with the highest bioavailability and assimilation in the body. Silica is the most active component of collagen which acts as a binding agent that keeps our cells "glued" together. Sufficient silica levels in the body help skin stay soft and elastic, eyes sparkle, hair shine, bones and teeth remain strong.


The silica found in horsetail strengthen nails and hair and is especially good for split ends. This herb helps eliminate excess oil from the skin and hair and is believed to make individual hair strands stronger, thicker and more resilient.


Horsetail facilitates the absorption of calcium which nourishes nail, skin, and hair and strengthen bones. It has been suggested that horsetail may be of some use in the treatment of brittle nails.

Kordel's Horsetail 500mg

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Take 1-2 tablets daily with meals, or as directed by your healthcare professionals

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