Pioneer of Supplements

Our brand name Kordel's is a tribute to Dr Lelord Kordel. The familiar name is immediately associated with vitamins and minerals, food supplements and herbal formulations that have been marketed internationally for over 69 years.

Dr. Lelord Kordel

Lelord Kordel was a famous American nutritionist and author of many books on healthy living.

Born in Poland in 1904, Kordel grew up in Chicago and returned to Europe for his studies. He completed his post-graduate studies with a doctorate in biochemistry at the University of Krakow and later worked as a scientific assistant for the eminent British medical nutritionist Sir William Arbuthnot-Lane. In the 1930s, he returned to America and opened the California Nutrition Clinic in Beverly Hills. As an independent researcher, he developed nutritional programmes and pioneered concepts for dietary supplementation. 

During World War II, he conducted seminars on nutrition for the war effort and was active in the "Food and Nutrition for Victory" programmes, for which he earned several awards. After the war, he founded "Kordel's Nutritionals" and began a highly successful career as an author of popular books on wellness and nutrition. Dr. Kordel's bestselling titles include Health The Easy Way, Health Through Nutrition, Eat and Grow Younger, Eat Your Troubles Away, Cook Right - Live Longer, Natural Folk Remedies, Eat and Grow Slender, How to Keep Your Youthful Vitality After Forty, and The Easy, Low-Cost Way to Total Beauty.

From his base in Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Kordel travelled widely to educate the public on nutrition and balanced diets. His teachings and formulations gained a large circle of followers, among them many Hollywood stars of the past, such as Zsa Zsa Gabor and Raquel Welch, who all sought his advice on staying healthy and looking well. Lelord Kordel was an inspiring example of his own dietary precepts; he enjoyed excellent health and vitality throughout his long life.

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Today, Kordel’s continues Dr. Kordel legacy and his advocacy of health through nutrition with products based on the latest research on nutritional healing and disease prevention. The Kordel’s team around the world prides itself in maintaining closely-knit ties to share ideas, knowledge and uphold Dr Lelord Kordel’s philosophy.